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Prelude to a Million Years was a very small book, only thirty blocks. As Lynd Ward explains below, it was hand made in a small edition. If you ever see a copy for sale, please email me. I'd be very interested in learning the condition and price asked.

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"I have always thought of Prelude to a Million Years as a kind of footnote to God's Man, a sort of codicil that would acknowledge that changes had occurred and that these changes required an amendment to the earlier testament. It was a very limited statement, running to total of only thirty blocks. Because it was a minor work it was printed directly from the woodblocks on beautiful rag paper in a small edition. Prelude was the third publication of Equinox Cooperative Press, a group of young people, including myself, working in printing, publishing, and the book arts, who wanted to do non-commercial books, just for the love of doing it. Each copy of Prelude was bound by hand and made with loving care."

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